Emergency Services: Warwickshire Fire & Rescue

Emergency Services: Warwickshire Fire & Rescue

Our local fire station is situated at Fenny Compton, this is a retained fire station, which basically means that the firefighters are on call and react to an alerter system

Fenny Compton Fire Station,

Fenny Compton Fire Station,

Our fire station in the past has had many threats of closure, the last being in 2009.

Shotteswell campaigned vigorously to maintain this service, the crew at Fenny Compton are simply wonderful. You can read more about the consultation for retaining the Fenny Compton fire station here.

Fenny Compton have provided an appliance to attend  our first fete for many years in 2011, the crew despite being on call , were on hand to explain how we can all make our homes safer and reduce the risk to potential fires. The firefighters  also explained the importance of fitting working smoke alarms and the overall benefit of considering carbon monoxide detectors.

Watch out for  updates and news of Fire & Rescue initiatives, along with public safety announcements such as electrical product recalls.

Fenny Compton F&R Community Heroes Award

Fenny Compton F&R Community Heroes Award

Each year an annual inspection of electric blankets is offered by F&R services , it is strongly recommended that this offer is taken up.

Fenny Compton have their own Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fenny.firestation where you can keep abreast of what is happening in our area and any potential recruitment drives.

WF&RS also have their own Facebook page, where more general information over what is happening across the county can be found.

Some of their recent publicity:

Firefighters are warning people not to leave their dishwashers on when they leave their home or go to bed at night, after attending a number of fires where faulty dishwashers have been the cause.

Safety Advice

To help keep you and your family safe here are some useful tips:

Every Tuesday get into the habit of testing your smoke alarm: Test it Tuesday campaign, here is a very innovative way to remember!

Barbecue safely

.Barbecue safely

By following some simple steps, you can ensure your barbecue is a safe enjoyable event.

  •  Stand portable barbecues on an even surface and make sure they are away from the house, fences or shed. Equally do not use them in tents.
  • Use only approved lighter fuels, never petrol.
  • Keep young children well away from the barbecue.
  • Be careful with fatty foods and never pour oil onto meat when it is cooking.
  • If you are the chef, try not to drink too much whilst cooking.
  • Never pour petrol on any barbecue to try and re-ignite it – start the process again, properly.
  • After you have finished cooking, extinguish the burning coals. Then leave a period of time, one to three hours, to check that the fire is completely out.

Gas BBQ’s

  • Always use in a well ventilated area.
  • Never change the cylinder when the stove is alight or near other naked flames, ie oil lanterns, candles etc.
  • If you suspect a leak to the cylinder or pipe work, do not use it, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  • After cooking, turn off the gas cylinder before turning off at the controls to ensure any residual gas in the pipe work is used up.

This may seem a long list, but most of these things are common sense. By far the biggest danger is the use of flammable liquids to light the barbecue.  We have had attended a couple of incidents over the last few years where people have poured petrol onto the charcoal in an effort to get the barbeque going and the reaction has, not surprisingly, been violent and highly dangerous.  So please try and prepare well in advance and light the charcoal early.

Road Safety Awareness

Road Safety Awareness