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News and information about the Shotteswell Parish Plan.

Your Website Views Requested

Website Development As many of you will know we are continually seeking to develop and improve this community website. There is a small “editorial” group that meets on a regular basis which has responsibility under the Action Plan we circulated at the end of 2015, for development of […]

Minutes of the meeting of the PPSC November 2014

Minutes of the meeting held on 25th November 2014 at Shotteswell Village Hall at 7.30pm   Present: Brian Noble, John Crocker, David Holman, Harriet Jordan, Linda Clark, Ray Adkins, Michael Pearson, Godfrey Boulton, Anne Omer, Jan Burgess, George Nell   Apologies: Tammy Barker, Frances Heppell, Paul Allitt   Minutes of Meeting […]

The Summary Survey

“The Summary Survey and associated data file have been combined to provide a joint document of the two files that were made available as two separate documents in June and July 2014. This has been done to put into context the combined output from the Questionnaire. This is […]