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Latest News On Broadband for Warwickshire

Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Superfast Broadband Connecting Your Community Follow us on: Copy to use on your own website, newsletters or flyers We have had a number of requests for copy that can be used on local websites or in parish magazines, local newsletters etc. We had intended […]


The telephone cabinet in the village is now ready to accept orders for anyone in the village who wants to upgrade to fibre broadband. This could provide up to 66mbs depending on your provider (ISP). The way to get this service is to contact your current ISP (provider or your […]

Latest Report From CSW Superfast Broadband

Although our exchange and cabinet is now connected to fibre broadband it is not enabled yet. It is still in the plans of Open Reach to connect us very soon. Hello Champions, Rollout Update Live cabinets: 42,730 Total homes connected to fibre: 227 Purple Map Areas As the rollout progresses we […]

Latest Broadband News

Fibre to the cabinet was installed this week. The cabinet is not enabled yet and that can take up to two weeks. You can  check regularly with your ISP provider. You will then need to ask your ISP provider to connect you at the higher speed.

The Web Wise Project

Wise Project The Web Wise Project aims to help people over the age of fifty to get similar benefits from using the internet that younger people take for granted. Eleven million people in the UK do not use the internet, yet often services and goods are most easily, […]