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Website Development

As many of you will know we are continually seeking to develop and improve this community website. There is a small “editorial” group that meets on a regular basis which has responsibility under the Action Plan we circulated at the end of 2015, for development of the website.

At the last count 32 of our readers had signed up for notification when new items are posted on the site and we like to consider them as “regular” users.

So as regular users we would welcome your contribution to ongoing website development.

We also welcome comments from others who view the website

What the editors would be keen to know is your view of the website, what you like, what you would like to see and what you dislike.

Our overall aim is to continue to make the site more informative and interactive, encourage forums on village matters and to improve communications within the Village, at the same time to present a positive image of the Village to external readers and casual visitors.

You can use the “ make contact….” section on the “ABOUT” page, which also allows for other users to respond to your comments and thus encourage debate, OR if you prefer use, the email address set up during the Parish Plan project, the address is

We look forward to reading your views and please feel free to ask questions and offer general comments. Editorial Group

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