Litter Collected around Shotteswell

The photograph below is of litter collected by Anne & Jim Omer on the 19th November 2016; the items of rubbish were found in the grass at the side down Second Turn in Shotteswell.

The 4 Vodka bottles appearing all at once is a bit of a surprise as they cannot all have been consumed at one session (unless there was a bus-load of heavy drinkers involved); the Vodka bottles had all been purchased from the Co-op which is the same source as used by our previous most prolific litterer the Stella Artois drinker.

If anyone in the village spots a Vodka-bottle chucker doing their littering down 12nd Turn will they please inform a Neighbourhood Watch rep of the vehicle registration mark and the person’s identity (if known).

Jim and Anne Omer


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