Neighbourhood / Rural Watch

Awareness Report

Dear all

Just to let you know that Ros and I were away from approx 8.00am Tuesday 25th October until today 28th October, when we returned at 16.10pm.

I noticed immediately that there had been an attempt to force the garage side access door but was unsuccessful. However upon checking the woodstore our lawnmower (Viking make green/white) had been taken. We checked the rest of the house etc and no other apparent attempts to force entry.

The matter has just been reported to Warwickshire Police and a crime reference number has been obtained. I was informed by the Crime Bureau that the matter would be reported to Wellsbourne Police as per normal procedures.

The above for your information. Perhaps a check should be made of your own external buildings and garages. Can you also circulate to any other residents for which you have e mail addresses.


Ray Adkins