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Coventry Diocese E-Bulletin – 20/10/2016

eBulletin from the Diocese of Coventry

Anna Laycock 20/10/16 Booklet Consecutive  Prayer Diary – November 2016

The November Prayer Diary includes news stories from Shipston deanery.

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You can also download the Prayer Diary from the diocesan website. We aim to publish it on or before the 20th day of the preceding month (although it is sometimes delayed).

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Ryan Finnegan 21/10/16 Leaflet  Thrive Youth Weekend 2017

This event will take place from Friday 20 to Sunday 22 January 2017 at the Pioneer Centre, Shropshire. The cost including all food, activities and transport will be £95 per person.

The weekend will include lots of outdoor adventure activities plus a chance for young people to get to know each other and build friendships with other youth groups from around Warwickshire.

They will also be spending time in the Bible and learning more about God and our faith. For more information please see the attached leaflet.

Ryan Finnegan 21/10/16 Letter  Prayer for Christian Service in Coventry

The Chapel of Unity community is setting up regular monthly prayer sessions to support Christian social service across Coventry. These will be held in the Chapel of Unity from 4pm till 5pm on the first Monday of the month (except Bank Holidays).

The first meeting will take place on Monday 5 December and will focus on Good Neighbours which is a new project of support for older people and is a partnership between Hope Coventry, Together for Change and Age UK.

The speaker will be Jess Day-Pollard, Project Manager. For more information please email John Lloyd ,Chapel of Unity Joint Council co-chair, using the link below.


Ryan Finnegan 21/10/16 In Focus In Review  ‘In Review’ and ‘In Focus’ – November 2016 Edition

‘In Review’ is a monthly tabloid newspaper published by the National Church Institutions of the Church of England.

It aims to keep you in touch with the activities of the Archbishops’ Council, Church Commissioners, the Church of England Pensions Board and other bodies who serve the Church at national level. Please do print it off and post it on your church’s noticeboard.

‘In Focus’ is a monthly insert designed for parish magazines with the best of the material which appears in the full newspaper.

Please see the attachments for the November edition of each document or visit their website, using the link below, for more information.


Ryan Finnegan 21/10/16 Flyer  Black Christmas: Documentary Film Screening and Discussion

On 3 November from 1pm till 3pm there will be a showing of Black Christmas at St Michaels House. The film shows a perpetrator’s journey of transformation and his expression of remorse for the racially motivated 1996 Christmas Eve bombing in South Africa.

It digs deep into the complexity of forgiveness and leaves viewers thinking about the possibility of reconciliation. The screening will be followed by a discussion with Canon for Reconciliation, Sarah Hills, who journeyed to Pretoria Prison with victims and survivors of the bombing to visit the perpetrator.

For more information please email the reconciliation team using the link below.


Anna Laycock 21/10/16  News Story – Bishop visits Refugee and Migrant Centre

On Tuesday 11th October, the Bishop of Coventry, the Right Reverend Dr Christopher Cocksworth visited Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre (CRMC). During the visit, the Bishop – who is patron of the centre – was able to observe several of the various activities and classes CRMC offers to refugees and migrants in the city.

To read the rest of the story click the link below.

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