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Coventry Diocesan E-Bulletin – 14.06.20166

eBulletin from the Diocese of Coventry

Claire Strachan 14/06/16  12th July 2016: Developing Church Buildings course

Churches are key to a sense of place, and it is crucial to plan church developments effectively to meet the needs of the church and community. Come to Developing church buildings: principles & practice to plan how you can make sure your church offers what the local community needs and supports the mission of the church. With speakers from The Prince’s Foundation, conservation and church architects, you will be taken from bigger picture strategic thinking through to engaging communities in delivering projects to make more effective tools for mission.


Claire Strachan 14/06/16  28th July – FREE Faith in Maintenance Course

Calling all Churchwardens! Coventry Diocese is fortunate to be hosting SPAB’s Faith in Maintenance course for anyone involved in caring for their church building. The course has been run a number of times in the Diocese and has always been well attended and received excellent feedback. Through it you will learn about simple maintenance techniques and procedures to help you care for your church, as well as teaching you how to identify particular building problems early on. Spotting and resolving problems early on can prevent a complicated and expensive repair job further down the line! It is FREE and a buffet lunch will be provided.

Website:   Email:      Claire Strachan

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Ryan Finnegan 16/06/16  Lammas Day

Lammas Day, the first Sunday in August, celebrates the first crops of the harvest being brought home. It was traditional in the early English church to consecrate a loaf made from the first ripe corn for the Eucharist Service. The loaf would be presented at the altar and blessed.

These days Lammas also gives us an opportunity to celebrate the early harvest and an opportunity to pray for the rest of the harvest to be brought home in good weather and for there to be enough so that all may be fed equally.

Resources for Lammas Day services and prayers can be found on the Arthur Rank Website using the link below.


Ryan Finnegan 16/06/16  Centenary Arts Festival Committee

The Dean is looking for people from the Diocese to join a Centenary Arts Festival Committee, to work on the programme for an arts festival for their Centenary year in 2018. This will embrace both Diocese and Cathedral, and there are already a number of ideas in progress.

If you have experience in setting up arts events (performance or exhibitions), or would like to know more, please email John Witcombe using the link below.


Ryan Finnegan 16/06/16 Flyer  Cyrille Regis and Sabir Zazai – An Interview

Cyrille Regis, former Coventry City footballer, and Sabir Zazai, Director of Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre, will take part in an interview with Canon for Reconciliation Sarah Hills On 23 June at 7:00pm in the Coventry Cathedral Chapter House.

They will discuss learning to live with difference and celebrate diversity in Coventry. Space is limited, so please email the reconciliation team using the link below to book your seat. For more information please see the attached flyer.


Anna Laycock 15/06/16  News Story – Message from the Bishop about Orlando

Following Sunday’s attack in Orlando, the Bishop of Coventry has written an urgent letter to the diocese.

To read the letter please click the link below.

Website:  Diocesan Website

Anna Laycock 13/06/16  News Story – Meet the new deacons for 2016

On Sunday 3 July, five new deacons are to be ordained at Coventry Cathedral. The new deacons have undertaken a course of study and training, and following their ordination they will serve as Curates (assistant ministers) while their training continues. As deacons they will lead worship and carry out pastoral and teaching work.

To read the rest of the story please click the link below.

Website:  Diocesan Website

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