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Beware Courier Fraudsters

NHW SA WK Beware – Courier Fraudsters are active again in South Warwickshire – Don’t be their next victim

This message is sent on behalf of Inspector Goddard of South Warwickshire Police:


Over the past two days Warwickshire Police have received a number of reports relating to courier fraud. This involves elderly people being targeted by fraudsters who make telephone contact purporting to be a police officer from the Metropolitan Police. They will ask people to call them back to confirm their identity but this will simply put the victim straight back through to the fraudster. Fake couriers will be sent to the victim’s address to collect cash and cards. Police advice is to terminate the call immediately and contact 101 to report the matter. Please look out for your elderly neighbours and family members to assist us in preventing further people falling victim to this type of distressing offence.

Attached is a poster which can be forwarded on to friends and neighbours, or displayed in shops, pubs or prominent community places.

Thank you

Julie Dale

Warwickshire Police

Please click on this link to see the poster;

1462963540Courier Fraud