Shotteswell Parish Footpaths:

Shotteswell Parish Footpaths:

Last Autumn, the long-serving volunteer Footpath Team decided to pass on the task of maintaining the Parish footpaths to a new team.  Over the past 24 years, they have done a magnificent job in looking after, developing and promoting the network of village paths and they leave them in excellent condition. Thank you, John Crocker, David Holman, Mike Palmer, and Brian Noble!

David, on behalf of the outgoing Team, sent a letter round to villagers inviting residents to come forward to form the new group. There has been a very good response to that appeal and there is now a group of villagers who have expressed a willingness to help with the practical work of keeping the paths in good order. We – Philippa and Harriet – have offered to coordinate the work of the new team and to liaise with Warwickshire County Council. Additional members will always be most welcome to the group, so please do feel free to contact either of us if you would be interested in lending a hand.

Should you have any questions, concerns or comments to make about the Shotteswell Footpaths, please do get in touch by phone or e-mail. We shall post any general news items relating to the footpaths on the village website: .

We hope that those of you who can, will find time in 2016 to enjoy walking the paths round our beautiful parish.

With kind regards,

Philippa Upton (738491; and

Harriet Jordan (730464;

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