Neighbourhood / Rural Watch

Rural Watch / Neighbourhood Watch Report – 48, 30.01.16

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report 48 – 30.01.16

This report from the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the wards of Snitterfield, Wellesbourne, Kineton and Burton Dassett.

The following incidents, for the period between 16.01.16 and 30.01.16 have been reported and the team are appealing for witnesses:

Snitterfield Area

Snitterfield – Church Lane

Vehicle crime – 21/01/16 – 051

Approx. 0800hrs

BMW 325 Convertible stolen from drive whilst owner went inside to collect bag.

Wellesbourne Area

Wellesbourne – St Peter’s Road

Vehicle crime – 26/01/16 – 187

Blue Fiat Ducato – both front tyres cut with what is believed to be a Stanley knife. The cuts were made discretely along a seam in an attempt to make them less obvious until the van was loaded or used.

Kineton Area

Kineton – Hanbury Close

Theft – 28/01/16 – 065

A metal front gate and a wood/metal bird cage stolen from a front garden.

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