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Neighbourhood / Rural Watch Team Report 45 – 19.12.15

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report 45 – 19.12.15

This report from the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the wards of Snitterfield, Wellesbourne, Kineton and Burton Dassett.

The following incidents, for the period between 05.12.15 and 19.12.15 have been reported and the team are appealing for witnesses:

Snitterfield Area

Snitterfield – Smith’s Lane

Burglary 16/12/15 – 052

Secured garage door forced and a white Felt, female, racing bike stolen.

Snitterfield – Church Road

Burglary – 16/12/15 – 046

Seven garages in a courtyard have been broken into overnight. Nothing has been removed from informant’s garage and at the time of the report it was not known if anything had been taken from other garages. There was concern that offenders may return with transport.

Wellesbourne Area

Wellesbourne – Chapel Street, Peacock Court

Damage – 17/12/15 – 326

Approx. 1100 hrs, cable to external Christmas lights cut.

Wellesbourne – Ettington Road

Damage – 14/12/15 – 343

8 sets of 100 Christmas lights on trees and bushes in an open-pan garden have been cut and bulbs snapped off.

Wellesbourne – Westfield Crescent

Damage – 14/12/15 – 120

Rear n/s tyre to a silver Rover and rear o/s tyre of green BMW slashed whilst parked on driveway. There may be evidence on a neighbour’s CCTV.

Wellesbourne – Elliott Drive

Damage – 14/12/15 – 070

Rear tyres of a Fiat Punto punctured by a sharp instrument whilst parked in driveway.

Wellesbourne – Sainsbury’s

Burglary – 12/12/15 2300 hrs – 410

Offenders, driving a silver Peugeot 406 coupe, have used crow-bars to force entry through the main doors and stolen a large quantity of cigarettes. The alarm sounded. Witnesses reported seeing the vehicle and CCTV is being examined. Forensic evidence has been obtained.

Moreton Morrell – Oaktree Close

Vehicle crime – 11/12/15 – 045

Grey Nissan Navara broken into overnight by smashing small rear window and a laptop stolen.

Kineton Area

Lighthorne Heath – Cromwell Place

Vehicle crime – 09/12/15 – 248

Overnight the vehicle, a black Ford Fiesta, was scratched down the passenger door.

Burton Dassett Area

Northend – Bottom Street

Vehicle crime – 11/12/15 – 068

Silver VW Polo broken into by smashing rear passenger window and a laptop, under a pile of books on the rear seat, stolen.

Alert to farmers of Targeted Scam

Farmers are being warned to be extremely wary of any suspicious calls, texts or emails as fraudsters specifically target the agricultural sector when EU grant payments begin to arrive in bank accounts next month.

From December, farmers start to receive large funds through the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS), the European Union’s main rural payments scheme.

Information about the payments, including the recipients’ names and the amount paid, is publically available, meaning criminals are able to target directly victims and make their approaches appear more convincing.

The scam communications will typically claim that fraud has been detected on the farmer’s bank account and that urgent action is required to safeguard funds. The victim is then persuaded to divulge personal or financial information, or even to transfer money directly into a so-called ‘safe account’.

With some grants worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, in past years fraudsters have stolen significant amounts of money from their victims. As well as farmers, other organisations which use farm land also receive BPS funds.

Advice on how to avoid this type of scam:

Be wary of:

  • Any calls, texts or emails purporting to be from your bank, the police, a Government body or other organisation asking for personal or financial details, or for you to transfer money.
  • Cold callers who suggest you hang up the phone and call them back. Fraudsters can keep your phone line open by not putting down the receiver at their end.
  • Any request to check that the number showing on your telephone display matches an organisation’s registered telephone number. The display cannot be trusted, as the number showing can be altered by the caller.


  • You will never be asked for your 4 digit PIN or your online banking password, or for you to transfer money to a new account for “fraud reasons”.
  • If you receive a suspicious call, hang up, wait five minutes to clear the line, or where possible use a different phone line, then call your bank or card issuer on their advertised number to report the fraud.

Never disclose your:

  • Four digit card PIN to anyone, including the bank or police.
  • Your password or online banking codes.
  • Personal details unless you are certain you know who you are talking to. People are not always who they say they are.

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