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Rural Watch News – 16.04.2015

Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team Report 19 – 16.04.15


This report from the Wellesbourne Safer Neighbourhood Team covers the wards of Snitterfield, Wellesbourne, Kineton and Burton Dassett.


The following incidents, for the period between 05.04.15 to 15.04.15, have been reported and the team are appealing for witnesses:


Snitterfield – Church Road

Theft – 14/04/15/072


Report of a green wheelie bin stolen.


Wellesbourne – Ettington Close

Anti-social behaviour – 05.04.15/301


There have been several reports of vehicles, possibly modified, being driven noisily around the area, blasting horns and disturbing the neighbourhood late at night. Registration numbers have been noted.


The SNT will pay attention and engage when they are on late shifts.


Wellesbourne – Walton

Damage – 09.04.15/054


The rear windscreen to a secured and unattended Seat has been smashed, probably

around 23.30 hrs. It is thought that a barking dog disturbed the offenders and there was no entry to the vehicle and nothing was removed. The SNT have visited the owner.


Wellesbourne – Loxley Close

Burglary – 09.04.2015/096


There has been an attempt to enter a garden shed. The informant heard the shed doors rattling at about 03.00 hrs and believed that the offenders were disturbed when a light was switched on. Nothing has been reported as being removed. SNT have visited, made house-to-house enquiries and offered crime advice.



Theft – 10.04.15/090


Heating oil has been stolen. Fencing was damaged and there was a spillage. SNT visited and carried out house-to-house enquiries.


Wellesbourne Market

Theft – 10.04.15/0218


A wallet was removed from inside and a Barclays DD card used to withdraw £500 from a cash machine in Leamington.


Wellesbourne – Mountford Sports Field

Damage – 13.04.15/227


Offenders have damaged the large wooden gate entrance to the sports field.


Wellesbourne – Market

Theft – 14.04.15/128


Victim was visiting the market on Saturday and a purse, which was inside a handbag, was stolen whilst they were in the toilets. It contained £108 cash, Lloyds bank cards and house keys as well as the PIN number to a post office account. £250 has also been withdrawn from the PO account.



Theft – 06.04.15/144


Approx 1100l of heating oil stolen. SNT visited and provided crime prevention advice.


Temple Herdewyke – Falkland Place

Theft – 15.04.15/195


Two children’s bicycles have been stolen: yellow bike for a 3 year old (security tagged); silver, with butterflies, girls’ bicycle for an 8 year old.


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