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Contract 2 Signed


On Friday 30th January Contract 2 of the partnership between CSW Broadband and BT was signed. Contract 2 differs from the Contract 1 in that it will be in a number of Parts, according to the funding that is available. The contract has been structured so that the additional funding can be brought in without the need for further procurement, which would only introduce delays.


Contract 2, Part 1, which was announced today, means that around 17,000 additional properties will be able to connect to the high-speed fibre broadband network. The rollout of Contract 2, Part 1 will start during the summer of 2016 and Contract 1 will come to an end in mid-2016.


The headline and funding figures for Contract 2, Part 1 are as follows:

  • Contract 2, Part 1 value: £10.6m
  • Contributions: Warwickshire County Council £3.68m; Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council £0.38m; BDUK £4.06m; BT £2.61m
  • Total number of homes that will be able to connect to the new network: 17,247
  • Total number of homes to achieve superfast speeds: 14,610

There is still plenty of work to be done with regards to detailing the exact areas that Contract 2 will cover, along with the timescales, but an indicative map showing the coverage for Contract 2, Part 1 has been produced and is now available on our website (see below).

For more information and copy that can be used in your own newsletters or on websites, we have a short article about Contract 2 available here:


New Map


The new map (available here: uses a single yellow block colour to represent the potential coverage of Contract 2, Part 1. Please note that at this stage only coverage for Contract 2, Part 1 has been mapped – coverage of later Parts will be introduced at later stages. There is a lot of surveying to be carried out before a definitive map with different colours representing different Phases is released.


Any areas on the map coloured purple will be included in the Contract 1 rollout, but due to the nature of the deployment in these areas, such as using exchange-only cabinets etc, it is not possible to estimate when these areas will go live.


Answering Questions from Residents


With the signing of Contract 2 and the release of the new rollout map for Contract 2, Part 1, it is likely that as the Champion for your local area, you will receive many different questions from residents. That’s why we want to ensure that you have all the details you need to help your local residents. All the information we have is released on the map and the website with our extensive list of FAQs providing the answers that you’ll most likely use the most – you can find them here:


Don’t forget that the CSW Broadband Team is here to support you as a Champion – your hard work is crucial to the project’s success and we want to make it as straightforward for you as possible.


As well as pointing residents towards the information on our website, one of the most beneficial things you can do is to encourage them to sign up to our newsletter: By doing so, we can ensure that they receive the latest news and updates and by gathering information at the sign-up point we can investigate which cabinet their property is connected to, and email them as soon as there is any news about it.


Rollout Update


126 cabinets are now live with fibre broadband and ready to accept orders! As cabinets go live we update the list on our rolling 12-month plan ( and publish them on our social networking pages.


We also email all of the contacts we have details for whenever there is news about their cabinet. So please do encourage residents to contact us with their email address, phone number and/or address if they want to know when they will be able to connect to the new fibre network.


This is an exciting time for all of us – and if we are able to attract additional funding then we should be able to extend the coverage still further.


Feel free to get in touch should you have any questions and thank you for all your help!




Kind regards,


Joanna Smith


CSW Communications Assistant

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